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maggie : in a diff style::

There is no need to explain how to cook Maggi Noodles. We all know how to cook Maggi Noodles in a very simplest method in just 2 minutes. I have a very different style of cooking Maggi Noodles. I called the recipe – vegetable Maggi Noodles. Yes, it is Veg Maggi Noodles. I have some simplest methods of Veg Maggi Noodles cooking.

Vegetable Maggi Noodles is as delicious as nutrition . You can use it in your breakfast. Veg Maggi Noodles is considered as the light recipe. My veg Maggi Noodles cooking tips will take almost 10-15 minutes. So, keep patience.

Vegetable Maggi Noodles flavor will be very different from other noodles recipe. It will be very different from “2 minute noodles” recipe.

Vegetable Maggi Noodles Ingredients:

1 packet Maggi Noodles

100 gm crushed green cabbage

100 gm peas

1 piece crushed onion

4 pieces green chili

1 piece crushed tomato

1/2 gm crushed coriander leaves

1/4 gm mustered oil

Chat Masala (You will get it with the packet of Maggi Noodles)

Veg Maggi Noodles Cooking Methods:

Maggi Noodles PacketJust buy a packet of Maggi Noodles from your nearest market. It is priced at Rs. 10.
NoodlesIt is simple noodles from the packet of Maggi Noodles.
Noodles Vegetable IngredientsThese are the ingredients for Vegetables Maggi Noodle recipe. These ingredients are already mentioned above in the section of “Vegetable Maggi Noodles Ingredients”.
Fry Vegetable for NoodlesHeat the pan on medium flame. Add mustered oil. Now, put all the above mentioned ingredients except coriander leaves and Maggi Masala.
Fry Noodles for Veg Maggi NoodlesAfter two minutes, add Maggi Noodles in fried Vegetables. Now, fry it again for 2 minutes on low flame.
Spice for NoodlesFinally, add 4 coups water and Chat Masala. Leave it for 2-3 minutes again on low flame. Add some salt also according to your taste.

Vegetable Maggi NoodlesAt last, your Vegetable Maggi Noodles will looks like this image. It is much delicious Veg Maggi Noodles with a very different flavor. During the serve, add some green coriander leaves and cabbage leaves.


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